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Radon and Your Pets

Did you know that Radon can cause lung cancer in pets?  The Radon Man of Wisconsin can help protect your family and your furry family members.

  • Although you and your family may be able to spend time outside, the majority of time, your pets are indoors and are constantly exposed.

  • Pets may spend a lot of time in the basement, especially cats.  The basement is below ground and is the first room that radon gas will reach as it rises from the soil to the air.

  • Pets have smaller lungs and exposure to radon gas for longer periods of time can result in lung cancer.

  • Pets may not show symptoms of radon poisoning until it is too late.  By the time it is detected, their disease is typically advanced.

CanSAR(TM), a non-profit organization that aids and empowers radon-induced lung cancer survivors, published discussions by two women in Wisconsin who lost their beloved dogs to lung cancer with radon and contaminated water being identified as possible sources (Radon is Possible Culprit in the Passing of Wisconsin’s Woman’s Two Dogs, 2016).

How to Prevent Your Pet from Getting Lung Cancer?


Have your home tested for radon.  Your can obtain a FREE radon test kit from The Radon Man of Wisconsin.  Contact us today at 715.870.5887.

If your test results show radon levels above the EPA threshold of 4 pCi/L (picocurries per liter), The Radon Man of Wisconsin can install a radon mitigation system to protect your family and your furry family members.

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